General Terms and Conditions


Please find here the latest General Terms & Conditions which are mandatory to all contracts concluded for the IFSCC Congress 2018.

1. Event

30th IFSCC Congress 2018

2. Event Organiser

DGK eVent GmbH, Dorfstr. 40, 86470 Thannhausen, Germany

Thereafter referred to as the “event organiser”.

3. Venue

INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich

Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Germany

4. General Opening Hours

Tuesday, 18 September 2018: 09:00 – 17:00

(Workshops, Council Meeting & Welcome Reception only)

Wednesday, 19 September 2018: 09:00 – 17:00

Thursday, 20 September 2018: 09:00 – 17:00

Friday, 21 September 2018: 09:00 – 16:00

5. Intention

The IFSCC Congress is a B2B platform and offers information on the topics of cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients, studies of cosmetics and ingredients, instruments to measure skin conditions, machines for lab and production scales.

6. Congress – Registration Fee

6.1. The cost of participation (full ticket) at the IFSCC Congress 2018 comprises the attendance at lectures, exhibition, and poster expositions and allows access to the Closing Banquet with Award Ceremony as long as seats are available. The seats for the Closing Banquet with Award Ceremony are strictly limited and are not granted for all full ticket holders. Delegates have to reserve their seat onsite.

6.2. All prices are quoted in EUR plus VAT if applicable. The relevant current price list is applicable.

7. Congress – Terms of Payment

Balance is due 100% after receipt of the invoice.

8. Congress – Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be sent in writing to the event organisers by e-mail.

  • Prior to 01 April 2018: 50% of the total amount is due
  • After 01 April 2018 (GMT+1): 100% of the total amount is due
  • No-show:  100% of the total amount is due

9. Meeting Rooms / Hospitality Suites – Participation Fee

9.1. The cost of participation at the IFSCC Congress 2018 – Meeting Room / Hospitality Suites comprises of room rental fees and equipment pursuant to the exhibitor agreement.

9.2. All prices are quoted in EUR plus VAT if applicable. The relevant current price list is applicable.

10. Meeting Rooms / Hospitality Suites –
Terms of Payment

Balance is due 100% after receipt of the invoice.

11. Meeting Rooms / Hospitality Suites –
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be sent in writing to the organisers by e-mail.

  • Prior to 13 November 2017:  50% of the total amount is due
  • After 13 November 2017 (GMT+1): 100% of the total amount is due
  • No-show:  100% of the total amount is due

12. Exhibition – Participation Fee

12.1. The cost of participation at the IFSCC Congress 2018 Exhibition comprises of booth rental fees and equipment pursuant to the exhibitor agreement.

12.2. Individual ancillary costs for additional services shall be invoiced to the exhibitor separately.

12.3. All prices are quoted in EUR plus VAT if applicable. The relevant current price list is applicable.

13. Exhibition – Terms of Payment

Balance is due 100% after receipt of the invoice.

14. Exhibition – Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be sent in writing to the organisers by e-mail.

  • Prior to 13 November 2017: 50% of the total amount is due
  • After 13 November 2017 (GMT+1): 100% of the total amount is due
  • No-show: 100% of the total amount is due

15. Exhibition – Subletting and Re-Letting

15.1. The exhibitor is not permitted to fully or partially sublet or otherwise offer the booth allocated to him to third parties, unless explicitly permitted by the event organisers upon request. Permission must be given in written from.

15.2. Permission must be requested 6 weeks prior to the event.

15.3. A processing fee of 150 EUR applies, payable by the sublessee. Violation of the above results in immediate exclusion of the event.

16. Exhibition – Booth Set-Up and Dismantling

16.1. The exhibitor is obliged to participate in the exhibition and to operate the booth during the entire duration of the exhibition.

16.2. The event organisers shall provide in due time rented basic booths to those exhibitors who rented such booth from the event organisers, up until one day prior to commencement of the event.

16.3. Booths shall be dismantled immediately after conclusion of the event. The exhibitors are obligated to remove their exhibition goods as well as any of their own additional equipment from the booths on the last day of the event.

16.4. Set-up and dismantling must be completed at the very latest by the stated deadlines.

16.5. Removal of exhibition goods and the dismantling of booths prior to the conclusion of the event is prohibited.

16.6. Exhibition goods, which remain in the booths after the deadline for dismantling can be removed at the cost of the exhibitor and placed in storage.

17. Exhibition – Booth Design and Layout

17.1. The exhibition booth must match the overall style of the exhibition and generally be easily built and dismantled at any time. The exhibitor undertakes to submit the plan for the booth to the event organisers upon request and to advise them of the booth design or the companies engaged to set-up the booth. Changes to the basic booth plan may only be applied after written consent is given by the event organisers.

17.2. The relevant specific official regulations must be adhered to upon erection and alteration of the booth. Police, fire brigade, safety and health inspection and regulatory authorities as well as representatives of the organisers and/or representatives of the event location are to be granted access to the exhibition booths at all times and their directions must
be followed.

17.3. The event organisers can demand that booths be altered or removed if the set-up is not permitted and if they do not comply with the exhibition terms and conditions. Should the exhibitor fail to comply, the removal or alteration can be undertaken by the event organisers at the cost of the exhibitor. Should the booth be closed for the same reason, no claim shall exist for refund of the participation fee.

17.4. Technical Guidelines

17.4.1. The booths will be marked by the event organisers in a uniform manner with booth number and fascia board.

17.4.2. Booths shall not exceed the set limitations and borders.

17.4.3. All materials used for the booth design must be flame retardant.

17.4.4. Electrical equipment, which is installed by order of the exhibitor, must comply with German security rules.

The event organisers can demand certification by the installation company for submission to the fire brigade and the building inspection authority.

The exhibitor is liable for all personal or property damages.

18. Exhibition – General Technical Equipment and Services

18.1. Lightning and Air Conditioning /Heating

The event organisers shall arrange general heating, air conditioning and lighting.

18.2. Cleaning

18.2.1. Exhibitors and their contractors are responsible for the disposal of their rubbish/waste material. Exhibitors shall be informed of disposal facilities at the site.

18.2.2. The event organisers shall arrange cleaning of the grounds, the halls and the walkways.

18.2.3. The event organisers are responsible for cleaning of the booths, which must be completed daily prior to the commencement of the event.

18.2.4. In the interests of environmental protection and environmentally friendly exhibitions, the exhibitor is obligated to reduce the amount of packaging materials and rubbish as well as to use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, decorations and brochure materials.

19. Exhibition – Electrical Power Supply

19.1. Electricity (230 V at 50 Hz) shall be provided. Electrical power can be ordered by the exhibitor using the relevant forms included in the Exhibitor Manual. Usage shall be charged according to the energy costs flat rate.

19.2. All installation of electrical connections to the booths shall be exclusively undertaken by installation companies retained by the event organisers. Any interference by the exhibitor with the wiring system located in the halls is not

19.3. The event organisers reserve the right to inspect the electrical equipment and accessories.

20. Exhibition – Advertising and Promotion

20.1. The exhibitor may only use his booth for advertising purposes. Further display options may be available at additional costs.

The event organisers has the right, in the interests of maintaining orderly exhibition operations, to revoke granted consent should justifiable complaints exist.

20.2. Official and copyright regulations must be taken into account.

20.3. Advertising material in breach of legal regulations, which is of an offense, ideological/religious or political nature, is not permitted. The event organisers shall determine whether advertising is permissible according to these terms.

The conduction of surveys, tests, competitions, raffles or contests is not permitted outside of the booth. Surveys conducted by the event organisers are the exception.

21. Electronic Data Processing

The exhibitor agrees to the event organisers saving and processing necessary exhibitor data for their purposes on data processors.

22. Photographs, Illustrations, Films

22.1. Advertising photographs, illustrations or filming of persons or exhibition items within the exhibition area is only permitted by persons, with valid identification issued by the event organisers.

22.2. The event organisers are entitled to arrange for photographs, illustrations and filming of exhibition sets and booths as well as of the exhibited items and to use same for advertising purposes or press releases. The exhibitor shall be excluded from making objections to same for any reason whatsoever. Same also applies to pictures taken by the press or television with the consent of the event organisers.

22.3. Photographs, illustrations and films compiled by the event organisers shall only be used by exhibitors with the consent of the event organisers.

23. Purpose of the Event Logo

The official event logo may be used by exhibitors in advertising their exhibition programme or in materials designed to attract visitors to their own company booth. Any other use of the logo without the written consent of the event organisers are not permitted. The same applies to the logo and/or pictures of the event location.

24. Possession

The event location / hotel / exhibition halls / congress halls exercise the right of possession for the period of set-up, duration and dismantling of the event and are entitled to issue instructions.

Neither children under the age of 18 nor animals are permitted to enter the exhibition and congress grounds.

25. Amendments and Verbal Agreements

Any and all agreements, individual permits and special arrangements are required in writing. Verbal arrangements may only be binding for reasonably short time until a written authorisation can be given/granted.

26. Cancellation of the Event

26.1. The event organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone a part of or the entire event.

26.2. If the event is cancelled, all money paid to the organisers for booth or space rental, will be refunded by 100%.

27. Liability and Insurance

27.1. The event organisers have liability insurance for its respective legal liabilities. This exclusively covers liability for personal injury and property damage, for which they could be made legally liable.

Exhibitors are strongly recommended to carry and maintain liability insurance during the course of the event.

27.2. The event organisers are not liable for any damage to exhibition goods, booth equipment and/or any consequential damage.

Furthermore it is strongly recommended for all exhibitors to carry short term exhibition insurance for the duration of the exhibition.

27.3. The event organisers are not liable for any and all damages exceeding its own liability insurance, such as but not limited to fire, burglary, theft, breakage, water damage etc.

28. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

Place of performance is Thannhausen and the courts of Memmingen shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all reciprocal obligations. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

29. Force Majeure

In the unlikely event that the IFSCC Congress 2018 should be cancelled by the organisers, either party has the right to terminate their obligations under this agreement without liability.

Force majeure shall also include internal legal strikes with the operator/owner of the event location or with any other third parties contractually bound for the timely fulfilment of obligations pursuant to the agreement with the event organisers.

All paid exhibition, sponsoring, meeting room and participation fees will be refunded to the full amount. No other claims will be accepted by the organisers.

The organisers also reserves the right to change the programme without notice.

Thannhausen, February 2018

DGK eVent GmbH

Dorfstr. 40, 86470 Thannhausen, Germany

Courts of Memmingen HRB 16639

General Manager: Robert Fischer