Abich Srl

Abich Srl

Abich (Biological and Chemical Analysis) is a young biotech company operating in the cosmetic, medical devices, chemical and pharmaceutical, sectors with sites in Italy, Canada and Spain.

Our researchers have developed different methodologies to test safety and efficacy of chemical substances, cosmetics, medical devices. The company provides clinical testing on healthy volunteers, biological assays, chemical analysis and R&D services. Moreover, we have a strong expertise in toxicological and regulatory consulting. Abich works in compliance with GLP and is under GMP certification. We perform SPF and WR testing according to ISO/COLIPA /FDA (3 sun ports), HRIPT, dermatological/and hair tests, stability test according to ICH, challenge test and microbiological analysis, more than 200 in vitro efficacy/safety tests on human cells and tissues, and chemical instrumental analysis (GC-MS, HPLC/UPLC, ICP-OES, AAS, IR, UV). Our team is developing molecular innovative approaches such as skin microbiome analysis, transcriptome, and other system biology- based techniques to investigate innovative products.

Categories: Cosmetics, Other (Biological and Chemical Analysis)

Via 42 Martiri 213B, 28924 Verbania, Italy
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