Institute Dr. Schrader

Institute Dr. Schrader
Institute Dr. Schrader

More than 45 Years’ Experience – Always with an Eye to the Future

Five Times the Expertise Under One Roof

For more than four decades Institutes Dr. Schrader have been firmly established in the cosmetics sector. They are known worldwide for quality, know-how and expertise in research,  development, testing and analysis of cosmetic raw materials and finished products. The foundation of the company started in 1973 with an independent consulting laboratory for development of cosmetic products. Just a short time later the Research Institute Creachem GmbH was founded before an independent institute for skin physiology testing followed at the beginning of the ‘80s. Finally, in the ‘90s, Institute Ancopharm for product analysis completed the service portfolio. The International GmbH was founded for the Asian market in 2004.

Since 2001 Dr. Andreas Schrader is the CEO of the family owned Institutes. Institutes Dr. Schrader are a world-valued company for the cosmetic industry.

Categories: Cosmetics, Quality Assurance

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