Gematria Test Lab GmbH

Gematria Test Lab GmbH

Gematria Test Lab is an independent, globally operating Laboratory Test Institute, focussing on free radical research of raw materials and finished products in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. The detection of free radical reactions in all kind of products and applications helps to select appropriate raw materials, to increase stability and shelf life of products and to support innovative claims. More than 25 years of experience in the field of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) with patented methods to detect free radicals combined with R&D expertise for a wide range of industrial products make Gematria an unique partner for the development of new product concepts and efficacy proof for your products. The rapid screening of antioxidants, the improvement of skin compatibility and photostability, the evaluation of Sunscreen and Anti-Pollution performance and protection against oxidative stress for skin and hair and skin penetration of actives are among the standard methods.

Categories: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Quality Assurance

Parkstr. 23, 14187 Berlin, Germany
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