SopharTops bring your active ingredient to the target side.

Sopharcos competence is more than 25 years experiences in drug delivery systems for Cosmetic, Pharmacy and Nutrition. With their patented SopharTops, being new nanoemulsions composed of biodegradable and eatable lipids, the Sopharcos encapsulation technology leads to significant improvements in stabilization of active ingredients, their solubility and penetration into the skin compared to flexible liposomes and lipid nanoparticles.

Water soluble components (Niacinamide) or large molecules (Collagenpeptides) can be encapsulated in high concentrations (10%) and are transported to a considerable extent into the skin by the new nanoencapsulation. This means cost saving especially for expensive ingredients.

Even lipophilic components (like Tocopherol, Boswellia Extract) can be included in water-based formulations like bacteriell nanocellulose fleeces by SopharTops, being able to penetrate into the skin after release. This provides a new potential in cosmetic and pharmacy.

SopharTops are also a new approach for enhancing lipophilic nutrient efficacy in water-based beverages.

Categories: Cosmetics, Ingredients, Personal Care

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